Melania at the Border

We all see in the context our own biases and perceptions. I think Trump and everyone around him are morally compromised, emotionally vacant individuals. I know the old trope that even a broken clock is right two times a day. I have trouble seeing Trump et al as right in anything they do. I fully admit to being as polarized as Trump’s core base, the people I think of as “Trumplandia”.

While working out, I saw a clip on CNN of Melania touring a border detention facility for unaccompanied male teens between 12 and 16 — a very different thing from the 2000 or so young children who were stripped from their parents. Even then, one of the workers used the phrase “in custody.” No doubt about it, these are detention facilities. Melania’s smiles and designer jacket and attempt to show interest in these boys hardly made a dent.

Clearly the Trump administration is trying some PR pushback on the horror stories taking place at the border. The Melania smiley tour, for me, echoed Nazi concentration camps that were cleaned up for visits by the Red Cross, complete with music performances by the inmates to show how happy everyone was to be incarcerated and at forced labor. These kids aren’t made to work and they aren’t going to be gassed, but they are detained and powerless as they are shuffled around the system, referred to by Trump as subhuman and as “infesting” the United States. At least these kids are old enough to have some grasp of what’s happening and some ability to speak for themselves. That’s not true for the little ones, who are no doubt living in sheer terror in the care of strangers.

The CNN story then progressed to Trump at a cabinet meeting, and at that point I switched channels to watch a re-run of Criminal Minds. Before the channel switched I saw Mattis sitting next to Trump, eyes cast down as Trump bellowed on. I think they’re all enablers. I don’t buy the argument that at least people like Mattis keep things from getting worse. I think it’s a bad trade off. No one gets out of this with his reputation intact.

8 thoughts on “Melania at the Border

  1. Never mind that designer jacket! How about the Zara one (I don’t really care, do you?) that she wore to get on the plane and again when she returned to Washington (80 and humid). Trump says it was about her opinion of the fake media. Let’s assume that is what she was inferring. But talk about tone deaf. You have THAT message on your jacket when you are about to visit detention centers full of children who have been taken away from their parents. I used to think she was putting up with DJT because of an airtight pre-up that would adversely affect not only herself, but also her parents. I also wouldn’t put it past him to include Barron in the mix. Not that I think he is daddy of the year, but any threat of a custodial battle would keep Melanie out of divorce court. But after seeing that jacket, I am starting to think she is on board with his agenda. One of the yes, but people. “Yes. I agree removing children is terrible, BUT we have to do something about illegal immigration.” There was a little part of me that used to feel sorry for her, but no longer. She is an enabler in her own way. SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!

  2. May Santa —- in their stockings—-all of them are enablers or don’t know or care about what they are doing. But not everyone seems to sense the folly. A young, educated black man told his mother that every time something happens, Trump gets blamed. And he comes from a strongly Democratic family. How is that for an interpretation

  3. Someone posted a photo of the back of the jacket on FB last night. There were a lot of comments, but this was my favorite: “I’m choosing to believe that it was a big old F- you to her husband. And she wasn’t wearing it when she disembarked in TX, so I think it was for someone in DC.”

    I can’t understand why these kids are being transferred all over the country, including to the state of Washington and NYC, among other places. And no real system for re-linking them with parents. Another disaster waiting to happen.

  4. for Ada: You know, I think she knew exactly who he was and what she was getting into. She was a mediocre model with a B-level career, and her visa was expiring. With him she got permanent status, a gilded life, and a child. I think the trade-off for her is just fine. I don’t think anyone stays with him without sharing some of his emotional emptiness. How could you stand it otherwise?

  5. for Linda: I have family members who are strongly pro Trump, and in one case the person has a master’s degree and what one would think are reasonable critical thinking skills. Can’t explain it.

  6. for Phyllis: It seems as if no thought was given to how they were going to get these kids back with their families, and now it’s just a mess. I’m furious and heartbroken at the same time. What a vile person Trump is, and all the enablers around him are vile too.

  7. for Ada: Above all else, Melania is a model. She knows exactly how to present herself, and assembles her attire very carefully. I think she had every intention of sending that message. To bad we don’t know to whom.

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