Trump and the Migrant Children

I saw a brief clip of Trump signing some alteration to the policy of taking children away from their families at the border — brief, while I was changing channels on my workout machine at the gym. That’s about as much of him as I can stand. He was saying that people were going to be very happy.

Reminded me of his throwing paper towels to the hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico. Aren’t we having fun?

The families who have fled violence, endured terrible conditions during their migration through several Central American countries, and finally wound up at the U.S. border with nothing, are surely relieved that the further trauma of having their children taken is on hold. But happy? I think that stretches the imagination.

We hear from commentators that Ivanka and Melania told him the optics of the pictures were bad, and had to stop. I’m not sure if that means they had empathy for the families, or just that they were warning him about the optics.

CNN also had a couple of clips of Trump supporters who were sneering over the plight of the families, saying that reporters should stop trying to make them feel sorry for the children because they couldn’t care less. Trump supporters don’t feel sorry. Like their guy, “sorry” is for chumps. They want theirs, and as long as Trump is giving it to them, there’s no “sorry” about anything else.

We’ve done a really, really bad job of moral education in this country — and these aren’t young people, on which a lack of a moral compass might be blamed on the decline of families and faith communities that used to teach such things. They are old white people who sneer at weeping brown children.

They and Trump reinforce each other, and it’s a sickening thing to see.


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