One Ray of Hilarity in a Dark Moment

There is nothing funny whatsoever about Trump and the migrant families. But there is one ray of hilarity in this dark moment for our country: Trump’s response to having to change his mind. He canceled the Congressional picnic and made them haul the popcorn machines away. Really.

Reflecting his displeasure with Congress, Trump also announced he was would no longer host the annual congressional picnic Thursday, leading to the dejected sight of popcorn machines being re-loaded into their crates and trucked away from the South Lawn. Even that decision was made last minute; moments before he called off the event, White House cooks were still busy grilling steaks in preparation for the event.”

This is our Man Donald. Cross him, and you get no popcorn. Take that, members of Congress.

2 thoughts on “One Ray of Hilarity in a Dark Moment

  1. for J: He really is. Neither you nor I would tolerate this behavior from ours. He seems to have gotten away with a lot growing up, and somewhere along the line decided he was entitled to this behavior at any age. Very unattractive to me in a grown man.

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