Update on the Landscaping Project: A Nicki Moment

Longtime friends and regular readers of the blog know about “Jerry’s tree”, a beautiful weeping cherry in our front yard on San Gabriel Drive. The tree failed to thrive initially, and our landscapers there were ready to pull it out and plant a replacement. Jerry asked them to give the tree another season, to see if it would take hold. It did, and until this day and even though I no longer own the home, that is Jerry’s tree.

My new yard, now cleaned out, is like an open canvas with many possibilities. We’re already in Seattle’s dry season, where even with watering it’s almost impossible to keep the ground moist enough. That means most planting will wait until fall. But I did ask friend Nicki, an accomplished gardener, to create a “Nicki moment” for me. I think of it like Jerry’s tree — every time I  look there, I’ll think of Nicki and our friendship.  She came on Monday, and designed and planted two absolutely beautiful works of flower art in pots.

I don’t have the gardening gene myself, but I love watching the hands of skilled gardeners as they work.

4 thoughts on “Update on the Landscaping Project: A Nicki Moment

  1. for J: The moments are with me even when not in my yard, aka Rana the frog. I smile every time I think of Rana in your yard.

  2. for Joyce: As I wrote in a comment to J, a friend from Rochester, I have little pieces of things I love in gardens all around. Means a lot to me.

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