Methodists and Jeff Sessions

The civil rights movement of the 1960’s, and the anti-war movement, both counted religious leaders among their most passionate advocates and activists. Dr. King was the most prominent, but there were many others.  Well-known clergy like Ralph Abernathy were joined by lesser known ministers and rabbis in black and white congregations around the country who spoke out from their pulpits, joined marches, did voter registration, visited protesters who were jailed, were jailed themselves.

I’ve been wondering what would get the clergy community riled up enough to speak out against Trump and his minions. Helpless children in holding pens may have done the trick. More than six hundred Methodists have just formally charged Jeff Sessions, a member of that denomination, with violating the Book of Discipline for his cruel policy of separating desperate families at the U.S. Mexican border.

I watched a clip of Sessions speaking with someone on Fox News. Honestly, the man looks like a smug little troll. The charges against him within the church may not move the needle nationally, but I wonder if being called out by his own denomination will at least reduce the smugness quotient.

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