Whither Ivanka?

Karen Tumulty of the New York Times has rightly pointed out Ivanka Trump’s silence on her father’s policy of dragging children away from their parents at the border and warehousing them in large, impersonal facilities. Laura Bush has weighed in, as has Michelle Obama, Rosalyn Carter and Hillary Clinton. So has Melania Trump. But not Ivanka.


I suspect Ivanka and her brothers know, in their heart of hearts and from long experience, that their father cares about them only insofar as they are useful and are favorable reflections of him. That’s what a narcissistic personality means. I think it’s much harder to create healthy adult-adult boundaries with a narcissistic parent than it is when both parties are emotionally sound — and I say that from long personal experience. Rest in peace, Margaret. Doesn’t seem as if any of the unfortunate Trump brood has even begun that process.

Ivanka and her siblings know perfectly well that Donald will flip them off without a second look if they become oppositional or a threat to his insecure ego. They’ll be the last people to say anything critical, no matter how cruel their father’s behavior.

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