Summer Sports

The World Cup is in full swing. I’m not a huge soccer fan, either men’s or women’s. Seattle has a women’s team, the Reign, whose star player Megan Rapinoe is Seattle Storm’s star player Sue Bird’s love interest. I’m intrigued by two professional athletes pairing up. With their different game/practice/travel schedules, I can hardly imagine their finding time to be together. I’ve never gone to a Reign game, although I do follow the Storm. But with news of the World Cup, I’m interested enough to watch the YouTube videos of Christiano Ronaldo’s goal over the weekend. If you click on the link, be sure to watch all the way through, as it’s a bit later in the footage that you see the trajectory of the ball bending to go around the defenders. I find that a remarkable skill. Maybe you will too, even if you don’t play or watch sports.

Sportscasters refer to Ronaldo’s “hat trick”. If you don’t know soccer lingo, a hat trick is scoring three consecutive goals, which Ronaldo did. The final game score was basically Ronaldo against Spain, a 3-3 tie.

The summer sports event that I do watch obsessively is the Tour de France, which begins on July 7th. I planned my New Jersey trip to be back in time. I love the Tour, which is broadcast in full every day on NBCSports. I chose my cable package in part just so that I’d be able to see the tour. There are lots of reasons to be disillusioned with professional cycling, to wit the various doping scandals over the years. But I still love the sport, and not for nothing, if you watch regularly you get a primo view of France along the route.

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