Update on the Move: Tree Removal

I’d never willy-nilly take down a tree, for all the good environmental reasons we all know. But the three landscaping companies that came to give bids on the yard all said I should call a tree company and have the cedar on the side of the house evaluated. Wrong tree for that spot, because a cedar will grow much larger, and this one is far too close to the house as it is. Plus, the tree is entwined with the out of control ivy we’ve been battling to remove in the rest of the yard. Ivy infestation is unhealthy for a tree.

Yup. The tree should go. On Friday morning, a crew arrived to take it down and grind out the stump.

Pics of that following. Here’s what we’re removing. The loss will affect my view from the house both upstairs and downstairs, which I’m not so happy about. But, I agree it’s the right decision.

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