Update on the Move: Tree Gone

The tree guys were here at 8am on Friday, and they set rapidly to work. If you’ve ever seen a tree taken down, it’s quite a controlled process. Someone in spikes climbs up the tree, removing branches as he goes. The crew on the ground hauls the branches to the chipper. The entire neighborhood smelled like a Christmas tree farm, as the evergreen was chopped into fragrant bits.

Once the tree is stripped, the trunk comes down in sections — again, carefully controlled. Loggers may do the “timber” thing in the forest, letting a huge tree fall intact, but not here in an urban neighborhood.

The cedar is gone. I have more light, to be sure. Now grass might grow on that side of the house. I can see every bit of the yard next door — that view will be altered when the six foot cedar fence goes up. But right now, things look pretty bare.

Sara hasn’t been to see the changes yet. My eye is getting used to the cleaned-out look, but I imagine she may find it rather sparse. I’ll have to paint a verbal picture of what it might look like when plantings begin to go back in.

4 thoughts on “Update on the Move: Tree Gone

  1. Wow! A lot of changes. Looking good and cleaner and well kept, not sparse. Hahaha
    That tree definitely Blocked your view of the neighbors. How are your neighbors?

  2. for J: I have nice neighbors, which is good because in Seattle things like lot lines weren’t observed very clearly over the years, and three of us share a sewer line. One neighbor is single dad with two kids in college, one living home for summer. The other is a jazz musician — it’s his mother’s home, she’s now in a care facility for dementia. On weekends he has a friend visit who is an accomplished pianist and practices. He asked me if the noise bothered me, and I said “that’s not noise… I love it!” She’s really good, and plays classical pieces. Honestly, it’s a treat to sit out with a glass of wine and a book and have that in background.

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