New Neighborhood, New Choices

I walked Else home Thursday evening, and on my way back thought about the slim pickings in my refrigerator. I decided to eat out.

I had my favorite spots in the old neighborhood, but didn’t want to reverse course and walk down the hill. As I passed all the local eateries in my new neighborhood, I identified two promising choices. An upscale restaurant — fortunately Seattle is casual all over, so I didn’t have to worry about being dressed too informally — was offering lamb chops on special. I love lamb chops. At $37 plus $12 or so for a glass of wine plus tip, that counted as full-on Dinner Out.

A little farther along a bar I like had 15 minutes left of Happy Hour. A very good chicken quesadilla for $10 plus a glass of the house red for $5 plus tip made that option sound very enticing. Plus I was in the mood to sit at a bar and chat around, not sit at a table by myself.

I picked the bar, and had a great meal — went home happy and content. 🙂

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