Update on the Move: Finding Raccoon Poop

My long awaited yard cleanup and re-landscaping has begun. I should have taken detailed before/after pics, but this one will give you an idea how much extraneous foliage was taken out of here on Wednesday. The guys were cutting back a badly overgrown tree or bush leaning over into my yard — three different kinds of vines were entwining whatever is originally there — and they discovered raccoon poop on the some of the branches. That means raccoons have been present, at least at night, within a couple of feet of my back deck.

Sara tried to plant tomatoes, and they kept getting eaten. I guess we now know the culprit.

Also registering on the “ick” monitor: cleaning out some densely overgrown ivy and weeds in the front yard, the guys found evidence of a rat’s nest. I guess regular gardeners all know that certain kinds of densely overgrown greenery beckons rodents, but the find was news to me.

That rickety white picket fence is going to be replaced by six foot cedar fencing, not to keep out the neighbors, who are very nice, but hopefully to keep out foliage encroaching from their yards.

No idea if the raccoons will stay or go, now that we’ve cut out a good chunk of their habitat. As you can see, plenty of thick greenery remains.

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