Trump-Kim Media Event

Trump got what he wanted: a big media event where he could play the star.

Kim got what he wanted: equal footing on the world stage with the U.S.

How about the rest of us? I’m with Van Jackson of FP in thinking that the Trump-Kim summit is little more than a WrestleMania head fake. With all eyes on Singapore, we haven’t gotten much other than the standard North Korean line about a desire to denuclearize the entire Korean Peninsula, and the Trumpian assurance that he and Kim are going to have a great relationship.

Trump has an uncanny ability to manage a story line, whether there’s any substance or not. The question is always who do we believe, Trump or our lyin’ eyes. So far, the answer seems to be Trump.

“The greatest skill in professional wrestling isn’t the grappling but the “kayfabe” — the art of sticking to your character even outside the ring. The fans get hooked on never-ending storylines, because the personal beefs and alliances between wrestlers make for great melodrama. Fans suspend disbelief because they want the escapism, the sense of being involved in dramas bigger and more thrilling than reality.

The summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore is nothing but kayfabe for news junkies, politicos, and policy pundits. Ever since the snap announcement on March 8 that Trump — himself a longtime wrestlingaficionado and occasional participant — would meet with Kim, he’s nurtured the hopes of the peace-loving world, persuading them to suspend disbelief. Trump’s storyline positions him as the hero able to do what no other president could: bring peace to the Korean Peninsula and denuclearize North Korea.”

2 thoughts on “Trump-Kim Media Event

  1. What a big joke and – again – he gave away the store for little in return. And he thinks this was the most successful encounter EVER! Go wrestle, Donald.

  2. for Phyllis: I can never tell if he really thinks he’s such a smashing success, or whether that’s part of the joke?

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