Our Canadian Neighbors

My former  home town of Rochester, NY, was an easy three hour drive from Toronto, and we went there for a larger urban experience much more often than we went to New York city. Jerry and I went for weekends, and we often went as a family — taking our neighborhood  babysitter with us so she could stay in the room with young Sara and Matt while Jerry and I went downstairs for an adult dinner. Once we planned an entire weekend around discovering all the best playgrounds this wonderful city had to offer. Navigating the city to find playgrounds that were the most interesting was all we did, that and eating at family-friendly restaurants at an early hour that suited the rhythms of the kids. No museums, or concerts, or other cultural events, no late night fine dining — we had a wonderful time and went to bed early.

We got to know Toronto, and urban Canadians in this part of the country, pretty well. We found them to be just as described in this Guardian opinion piece by Jen Gerson:

If a nation of millions can have a collective character, then it is true what is said about Canadians. We are a stoic, rule-abiding and polite people. We are also smug, passive-aggressive and proud.”


Trump’s bizarre insult toward Prime Minister Trudeau has accomplished one clear thing: it has united Canadians behind their leader. No one likes a bully, particularly one who takes cheap shots from the safety of his airplane, after he’s left the face-to-face.

No one — other than Trump — wants a trade war. Everyone will suffer. But other nations, most especially our longtime allies, are getting the full measure of what Trump is: a thin-skinned, nasty, egotistical bully. You don’t appease someone like that by giving ground.

In this case I’m rooting for the G-6 to do what the Republican majority in Congress can’t seem to do: develop some spine, and stand up to Trump.

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