Eaten by an Alligator

Alligator attacks on humans, statistics tell us, are extremely rare. The Florida Wildlife Commission tells us that the chances of an unprovoked attack are about 1 in 3.2 million — comforting unless you’re the one.  A Florida woman walking her dogs apparently just got eaten by an alligator. Her arm was found inside the alligator’s digestive system during a necropsy.

Years ago Jerry and I owned a condo in Engelwood, Florida — west coast, nearest big city Tampa. The condo development wasn’t right on the ocean, but it had various lagoons and lakes and an outlet to the sea. There were signs on all the docks saying not to put your feet in the water. Sure enough, at one point a child being dangled in the water by his oblivious parents was attacked.

We rented the condo out for most of January through March, and I always wondered how responsible we were for emphasizing the message not to put your feet — or your toddler — in the water. Heck of a message when you’re talking to prospective renters, as in “oh by the way…”.

We never had an incident, but I knew I’d feel terrible if one of our renters was the one in 3.2 million.

2 thoughts on “Eaten by an Alligator

  1. Englewood, Florida…ah…that is where we rent for 6 weeks each winter. It is a two mile walk to the beach from our complex.

  2. for Joyce: What a coincidence! Englewood is a lovely place, much quieter than some of the more popular destinations on the east coast. We bought the condo when the kids were little. We’d just started the business, and it seemed impossible to get Jerry away. I thought that if we owned a place and just had to think about dates and transportation, I’d have more luck prying him out of the office. That proved not to be true, but the kids and I went. I wonder if it’s the same condo development? We were over a bridge or small causeway, as I remember, with a walk to the beach — forget how long. We had an end unit, two bedrooms, lots of light. Our view was of Lemon Bay. We sold it after 4-5 years because we weren’t able to get enough longer term rentals to be sure of covering the expenses, and those were the days when we were pretty pressed financially. It just got too expensive for the amount of time we used it. I’d be happy if we could have kept it — would gladly go there now.

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