Getting to Know Seattle: Sports Bar Happy Hour

After the film we went to happy hour at Buckley’s, a sports bar near the theater. Friday after work at a sports bar is a hopping event. I quite like the atmosphere at sports bars, and for happy hour the food is dirt cheap. I had pulled pork sliders with cole slaw, four of them, and the happy hour price for my glass of wine was higher than for the food. Goopy sliders are an exception to my usually fairly strict food regimen, a weekend treat, and I enjoyed every bite.

One downside of happy hour is that it tends to be noisy. In this case, three young men in a nearby booth were already hammered and dropping f-bombs about every third word. They were oblivious to anyone around who might be uninterested in their limited vocabulary. I can’t drink that much alcohol any more, and I’m a bit in awe of people downing shots and beers at such an amazing pace.

On the whole I enjoyed Buckley’s very much, and was content and happy as we went outside into a light Seattle rain.

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