Trump’s Essential Emptiness

By his own words, Trump is an emotionally vacuous person, with a depressive, zero-sum view of life as an endless contest between winners and losers — which in the end doesn’t matter anyway. Politico has a long piece to that point:

That same year, he was on CNN for another hype session, there to pump his latest book, How to Get Rich, this time with Wolf Blitzer.

“You got a TV hit, you got buildings, you got golf courses, casinos, you got a great family,” Blitzer said. “You got a new book that’s coming out that’s probably going to be a No. 1 best-seller. What else does Donald Trump want to do in life?”

Trump responded to this slobberball of a question by wallowing in his fatalism with an almost depressive world-weariness that certainly wouldn’t have been on any publicist’s list of talking points.

“I think it’s just a continuation, honestly,” he said. “Life”—here he pivoted—“this is sad—no politician would say this, so, you now, I’m not going to be a politician—life is what you do while you’re waiting to die. Sad. Horrible statement. I hate to say it, but I say it, you know, because it’s true: Life is what you do while you wait to die.”

At some point in the future, historians will ponder the enduring cult-like devotion of a large swathe of the American people toward a man who is completely incapable of devotion to them.

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