Trump is Cranky about the G-7

Trump is reportedly cranky about having to attend the G-7 and be one of seven heads of state. He doesn’t play well with others, even our allies. He likes to be the alpha male, and acts out when he isn’t. He’s much more enthused about the upcoming North Korea summit, where he sees himself as the star and future Nobel Prize winner.

Neither the Congress nor business leaders nor the media have figured out how to deal with Trump’s vain and disruptive behavior. It’s no surprise that other countries haven’t either.

Right now something like 42% of American voters remain enamored of his reality TV presidency. I’m mindful that over time, the ratings on his TV show The Apprentice dropped significantly. Emotionally healthy people, initially as prone to being fooled by grifters as anyone else, finally get tired of the act and come to their senses.

I’m hopeful.

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