Guliani’s Trial Balloons

If we know anything about Trump, it’s that he has no internal controls, no boundaries. His impulse, if a limit exists, is to shatter it. He pushes until he is stopped — which, during his career as a real estate developer, casino builder and brander, meant bankruptcy court.

His alter ego Rudy Guliani is floating trial balloons about Trump’s freedom to do anything in office, including shooting Jim Comey or pardoning himself, without any consequence other than impeachment. Guliani and Trump both know that in the current climate, Republicans in Congress have shown no inclination to set any limits on Trump at all, never mind an openness to consider grounds for impeachment. Guliani is preparing the ground. “Oh, Trump will never have to do this because he didn’t do anything wrong. But if he has to, he will.” Republicans, get ready to look the other way.

The November elections grow more important every day. Without a return to Democratic control in at least one chamber of Congress, Trump’s cowboy act will only grow more outrageous.

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