Getting to Know Seattle: When Is It “Hot”?

Seattle has a temperate climate, which means it avoids extremes of temperature in all seasons. We’ve had spring weather in the mid-70’s, but right now it’s in the low 60’s. I have the heat on in the house, keeping the temperature at 67 degrees. It had gotten down to 63 degrees inside, and that just wasn’t comfortable — even though I’m constitutionally opposed to having heat on in June.

When we’re in the low 60’s I walk around with long pants and a sweatshirt, but you’ll see plenty of Seattle-ites in shorts and a short sleeved shirt and sandals — as if it were 90 degrees in Panama. Louise came to have a glass of wine on the back deck. With the sun pouring down, she was afraid it would be too hot. With the cool breeze and low 60’s, I thought it might be too cold to sit outside. She’s lived here for 50 years and adapted, and I haven’t. 🙂

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