Panama 2018: Why Minga Fights to Stay Alive

This, in a nutshell, is why Minga puts up with so much discomfort with her dialysis to stay alive. Here she is at the center of her family. Great granddaughter Mileybus, the quinceaneros girl, is on her left. Raoul and Ana, Minga’s eldest daughter, are on her right. Raoul and Ana are actually Miley’s grandparents, but they have raised her from infancy.

Minga’s catheter has been moved down a bit, so you can just see the tip of her bandage above the collar of her blouse — but it’s not the hugely visible bandage from before. I think she looks beautiful.

Minga has a rich legacy of family. Her family, she tells us proudly, is her gift to the world.

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Why Minga Fights to Stay Alive

  1. for Phyllis: Ana and Rufina are the two most skilled seamstresses in the family. You may remember the beautiful white ball gown Rufina made for Harlennys when it was her quinceaneros. I think this red gown is just breathtaking. And yes, they all look very happy. Joyful day.

  2. for J: Miley is such a nice kid. She’s won a scholarship to a private high school — the Panama public schools are pretty bad. She studies, and she’s good to Minga, and she’s fun to spend time with. She usually dresses pretty informally, like a 15 year old kid. To see her with makeup and this beautiful dress is a real treat. The bold red is beautiful on her. She’s really tall and quite slender, and she wears this well. I’m so happy for her.

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