Panama 2018: More of Gloria’s Family

Gloria sent me this montage of her sons and their children. For many poor Panamanians, “legacy” is defined by richness in family relationships. Gloria has that. Her boys are devoted to her. Her husband Luis is as well. And her grandkids adore her.

From top left corner: youngest son Luis, father of baby Axel who is in the middle. Top right corner: Middle son Gabriel and Gabrielito, who is about Archie’s age. Don’t dad and lad look alike? Bottom right, Gabriel’s daughter Alia. Bottom left, eldest son Raoul with Milenys.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2018: More of Gloria’s Family

  1. for Phyllis: Gloria was fortunate to find such a loving and loyal man to be her life partner. They are justifiably proud of their boys and their grandkids.

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