Update on the Move: Slowing Down My Landscaping Expectations

Sara’s focus while she lived here was the house. She put on a significant addition, creating a brand new kitchen, first floor powder room, back deck, and a master bedroom suite and bath right above. She didn’t pay much attention to the yard, other than to get the grass cut.

The outside is my project now, and I’m finding it more challenging than I expected. Landscapers are hard to get in Seattle; they’re all busy working on outdoor design for new construction. Prices are sky high. I found one group to whom I thought I could delegate the whole endeavor, then got serious sticker shock when their bid of 130K landed in my inbox. That’s not going to happen, not for this relatively small yard.

I think I’ve finally found a combination of things that will work. I’ll direct the various ancillary projects, like getting new cedar fencing, and get several competitive bids. Friend Nicki recommended a woman skilled at gardening who will help me plant and maintain new things, once the overgrown flower beds are cleaned out and brought under control. And, I have a landscaper that is going to come in with three guys for two days to accomplish the cleanup.

I’d hoped to have the garden in shape in one fell swoop. Nicki points out that planting a lot of new stuff just as Seattle is going into its super dry season makes little sense. I may have to content myself with getting things in order, and then look to fall for new plantings.

The pace of natural yard growth isn’t my pace, but nature is going to win out in this instance. Look for gorgeous yard pics next spring. 🙂

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