Dive Bombed by a Crow

Seattle is full of crows for some reason, and they’re nasty birds. Thursday was a walking day — as I’ve written about before, I vary my exercise from day to day so as not to stress any one part of my body or cardiovascular system. As I passed a tree — 150 or so feet away, not close — a crow suddenly came screaming toward me and began to dive bomb. The angry bird didn’t make contact, but swooped close enough so that I felt the swoosh of its wings and the screech was loud in my ear. I got out of its range as quickly as I could, continuing on my way. That’s what you do when biking if you’re pursued by an angry dog. Once you’re out of its territory, the beast loses interest. The crow did too, but not before a half dozen determined passes.

I think I was lucky not to get pecked in the head, especially the first time when I didn’t see it coming. Babies, I suppose, in a nest up in the tree might have sparked the bird’s protective instincts.

I like most birds, but I have to say that with crows, I’m not a fan. I looked online when I got home, and it seems as if the instance of Seattle crows dive bombing people is hardly rare. They sometimes do make contact and inflict head wounds. The crows remember faces, so once dive bombed, I can expect future aggression if I take the route past this same tree. In terms of advice, the article pointed out that crows don’t attack faces, so you can turn around and face the bird while making your way out of its territory. Somehow, walking backwards while escaping an angry bird doesn’t seem like the right solution for me.

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