Getting to Know Seattle: One More Rhodie Shot

I know I’ve made the point that Seattle is a great climate for rhodies and azaleas. But then I come upon another gorgeous example, and I just can’t resist sharing it.

This is a small public park, what in New York would be called a “pocket park”. The rhodies surround the entrance. There is a circular path inside, and shaded benches for readers to delve into a book, and a sunny, grassy area where people sit and picnic. There are seasonal plantings. The city maintains the park, I think, and it’s a small gem.

10 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: One More Rhodie Shot

  1. As you know, hope for a visit in May/June of next year. Will sure enjoy those rhodies!

  2. for Phyllis: I’m sure they are. Someone, a long time ago, decided to trim them in this way, and stayed with it.

  3. for Ada: Lots to do here besides Crumpets. Did you see that I met a vacationing British couple on the ferry to Bainbridge, and they asked me about things to do. I mentioned the Crumpet Shop, and they couldn’t believe the crumpets would be authentic until I said the Shop offers marmite. 🙂 That proved convincing, and they told me they planned to go.

  4. for J: Seattle is a great place for rhodies. You guys are such great gardeners — I’ll bet you could grow some in your yard. I remember the year M. planted pumpkins and the vines went wild.

  5. Yes, he has been thru numerous garden adventures. He had collard greens the sixpze of kahlea one year! Huge! This year we started small, but we’ll see. He does have the garden thumb. Heck, he has a whole garden hand or 2!

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