Politics: An Organized and Motivated Religious Right

Friend and regular reader Phyllis sent me this link. The content of the article scares her to death, and me too.


The religious right has found Donald Trump, and he them. This is a most unlikely pairing: a fundamentalist Christian zeal to use the political process to further an exclusionary and discriminatory agenda, and a soul-less but power hungry self-promoter who couldn’t care less what he enshrines into policy as long as he wins. On their own, each is dangerous to the health of our democracy. Together, they are deadly.

Christian nationalists have discovered what the Tea Party before them used to such powerful political effect: you don’t need a majority viewpoint to prevail. You just need a dedicated group of zealots who will vote as a bloc, who remain convinced of their righteousness, and whose beliefs are impervious to facts that show more nuanced realities.

Zealots they are.

The only way to combat this is to create a much wider civic participation and voter involvement. The trends are not, alas, going in that direction.



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