Conscious Aging: The Lure of Living Overseas

The point of life now is not trying to raise a family, or building financial independence, or creating a meaningful and satisfying career. Been there, done that. The point of life is discovering what’s interesting.

Living overseas is, potentially, interesting. Before I reconnected with Panama, I thought I’d rent a flat in various cities around the world for 4-6 weeks at a time, and go live there. Now with VRBO and AirBnB, such a plan is easier than ever to make happen. I don’t know that I ever thought of permanently relocating, but I liked the idea of extended visits. Now, being present to Minga and her family in this time of her gradual decline is more important than other travel. But I found this article interesting.

One of the places they talk about, Pedasi, is in Panama. I know that part of the country. Pedasi is where many of the expats who were originally in Buenaventura have gone to live after the culture war between the expats v. wealthy Panamanians shifted in favor of the latter.

What the article says about Pedasi is largely accurate. What the article doesn’t say also matters. People who live in Pedasi, just like the locals, have to contend with dengue fever — a Canadian expat blog writer who lives there contracted it, and may have died of a second attack. The town is a five hour drive from the airport in Panama City over the Pan American highway that is in bad shape in spots and often constricted with traffic.  And corruption prevails throughout the culture, making getting anything done in expeditious fashion really hard.

But Pedasi is beautiful, and less expensive than the U.S., and I’ll bet ignoring Trump is easier there than it is here. Probably true of all these places.


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