Getting to Know Seattle: Saturday Breakfast

Sometimes I  meet up with Ben and YaYa for Saturday breakfast; sometimes I’m on my own. The Crumpet Shop used to be a 15 minute walk from the apartment. Now, it’s about a 50 minute walk. I was out at 7:30am, and on my way.

You might ask yourself if you’d walk 50 minutes for Saturday breakfast. Take a look at this toasted crumpet with ricotta and homemade lemon curd. If you could taste it, I rest assured you would. 🙂

I arrived at the Crumpet Shop a little later than I hoped, and it was suitably crowded for a Saturday morning. But miraculously, my favorite small table was free and I nabbed it before I went up to the counter and ordered. I considered getting my best spot a harbinger of a good day.

4 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Saturday Breakfast

  1. The crumpet does look delicious. You are a wonderful role model for activity and exercise. I don’t know that I’d walk 50 minutes.

  2. On yes, I recall that crumpet. Yum Looks good but may I make a suggestion—ask the server to leave off the plastic top off the coffee cup. Sorry, but the issue of beyond excessive plastic in our oceans has caught my attention and avoiding unnecessary use is a simple, practical tactic.

    Some of my friends are tired of my preaching but I see positive change!!

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