Getting to Know Seattle: Cruise Season Up Close

Fifty minutes down the hill to the Crumpet Shop, then a walk from 1st Ave to Alaska Way, brings cruise season up close and personal again. I really love the people watching. Those getting off the ship look wistful. Those waiting to get on beam with eager anticipation. The scene is controlled chaos: tour busses dropping off passengers from downtown hotels, a fleet of taxis to pick up the people headed for the airport with their mounds of luggage, Uber and Lyft cars snaking their way in, and above all, lines of passengers coming and going. Lots of extended families. Lots of walkers and canes and a few wheel chairs. Lots and lots and lots of huge suitcases, the kind nobody tries to bring onto a plane any more.

The walk back up the hill is formidable, and it’s the second half of my exercise, when I’m more tired. My one dollar Orca pass is tempting; I can easily swing over and grab a bus in front of Key Arena. But regular walking, even a lot of it, doesn’t stress my body and build capacity. It’s the hill climb that does that.

So up I went. Measured by my FitBit, 5.58 miles, 116 minutes, 13,141 steps. I added to that total later, when I walked back down the hill to meet up with Louise for dinner and a film. This has been a good week. My goal is to hit between 90,000 and 100,000 steps a week, and I hit 104,983 steps — a really good week. I’m slowing down old-aging, not reversing it. But even slowing down the natural process helps my quality of life.

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Cruise Season Up Close

  1. Love the cruise ships. We enjoyed Alaska 5 years ago. Would love to go with my kids and grandkids.

    You are an amazing walker. I do wonder, Louise may be right, are you training for a marathon?

  2. for Katie: No marathon. šŸ™‚ I think cruises are great for extended families. Hope you can do it.

  3. You are doing an amazing job of walking everywhere and anywhere. Good for you too! It is nice to see and hear someone proud of their ability to stay active, because it is not only a choice but a dedication too. Good job! Keep posting, hopefully your readers will be inspired to walk a little more too.

  4. for J: I feel so much better when I get enough exercise. I usually alternate a gym day and a long walk day — depending on the weather. I quite like setting off really early on a weekend, heading downtown for breakfast, and then walking along the waterfront.

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