Hurray for Ireland!

Polling said the vote would be closer than this, but by a resounding margin, Irish voters came into the 21st century and chose to give Irish women back control of their bodies and their reproductive choices.

Ireland is moving in the right direction, while our country is in retreat.

Friend and regular reader Phyllis wonders if those opposed will now adopt the tactics that have long been used here in the U.S.: picketing clinics where women receive treatment, hectoring and shaming women who choose to terminate their pregnancies, threatening medical providers. I’m sure some of that will happen. But today is a day for rejoicing.

I’m happy for the women of Ireland, and for the men who supported them. This has been a long time coming, and the change in Irish culture has been brought about through terrible suffering on the part of women and defenseless infants and small children.

Some statement of apology and atonement from the Catholic Church — for the Magdalene laundries, for the skeletons of 800 newborn babies found in a septic tank in Tuam, for the shaming of women from the pulpit, for the long concealed sexual abuse of boys and girls by clergy — would be appropriate.

The vote, in some ways, is an apology from the entire country, and a statement of hope for a new path forward. Hurray for Ireland.

2 thoughts on “Hurray for Ireland!

  1. I’m happy for them too, and maybe the Irish who still oppose will be more civilized than Americans were/are. You don’t hear as much about about clinic/doctor picketing here these days, but they certainly are trying to curb abortions legally – in states and in congress. Shame on them.

  2. for Phyllis: I’m hopeful. This is a huge step for the Irish people, toward self-determination and away from rule by an antiquated Church.

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