Getting to Know Seattle: Walk to the Gym

I went back and forth over the walk-to gym with clean, up-to-date equipment but not much else in terms of spinning classes or pool or anything v. the drive-to chi chi gym with everything. Finally, I chose the walk-to gym. I think it was the right decision. I’m enjoying working out there. I’m easily the oldest person on the floor at the mid-morning time I go, which was not true at the downtown YMCA. From the number of young people there mid-morning, I’d have to guess that a lot of Seattle-ites work from home and can fit in a gym workout as a break from what may be a very early start. The atmosphere on the gym floor is good, respectful. Working in is easy. People smile, and chat. I like the vibe.

The gym is about a ten minute walk from my house, much shorter than the 25 minute walk to the downtown Y from the apartment. Ten minutes still gives me time to notice things, like a veritable army of ants crossing the sidewalk.

There were thousands of ants in this one spot. I’m fascinated, as I shoot the pic, at whatever they are doing, how they do it in tandem, and how indifferent they are to my stepping over them. I’m sure someone who specializes in insect behavior could provide precise answers. They were stretched out from one side of the walk to the other, and clearly on a mission.

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Walk to the Gym

  1. How’s the gym going? Remember you still need the muscle mass from free weights and/or machines, added onto all that walking you do!

  2. for J: The new gym I joined was the right choice, I think. They have all new machines, and some I haven’t used before. You gave me a good foundation in how to use weight machines safely, and free weights too. I alternate, using both.

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