Getting to Know Seattle: Rhodies

I don’t know much about gardening and zones and what grows where. But I’m a good observer of my environment. Wouldn’t you say Seattle has an ideal climate for rhodies?

8 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Rhodies

  1. Yes it does, and so did Rochester. I’ll always remember the bright red rhodie on Park Ave. near our house. It bloomed faithfully every year.

  2. for Phyllis: I do love rhodies and azalea, which grow in profusion here.I remember seeing beautiful ones in Rochester as well. Highland Park had a walkway of rhodies up the hill from the lilacs — quite wonderful when they were all in bloom.

  3. When I was a child in Scotland, there was an island between two streets that had about eight rhododendron bushes. I passed by there when I walked from our house to my grandmother’s house. I fell in love with them then and since that time have been my favorite flower.

  4. for Ada: Love the whole image, especially walking to your grandmother’s house. No wonder rhodies are your favorite flower! Lots of memories there.

  5. Yes. And when we were there this past September, I visited my childhood home and then walked to what had been my grandmother’s house. The bushes are still there. Could they be the same ones from 70 years ago? Probably not, but they have been replaced by rhodies again. Made me happy to see them.

  6. The whole trip to Scotland was…………amazing, for want of a better word……… emotional for me – and I’ve been back many times…………this was different. Will enjoy exploring this next year when I come to Seattle….

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