The Black Church Bishop and the Royals

Stereotyping the British upper class really isn’t fair, but their public behavior does make them look like an uptight bunch. The Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry, who gave the impassioned sermon at the royal wedding, clearly jarred whatever expectations of a sedate service the attendees might have had. Really, the facial expressions were priceless — all except for Meghan and Harry, who appeared to have gotten just the sermon they hoped for. 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Black Church Bishop and the Royals

  1. What a wonderful, joyful, and ecumenical service! It was fun to watch facial expressions during the music and sermon to see who got it and who didn’t!

  2. There were some beautiful moments and I especially liked the gospel choir singing Stand By Me. Of course the dresses and hats were classy as I expected them to be and Meghan was surprise there. A moment that brought tears to me was when the couple left to sign papers followed by Prince Charles who then offered his hand to Meghan’s mother as she was leaving her seat to sign the papers. The mother looked surprised which led me to believe that wasn’t rehearsed. Ah…Charles does have a human side.

  3. for Joyce: Charles has always been such a stick in the mud, I’m glad to see he has a human side. I liked the gospel choir too — just the right tone for this wedding, and so different from typical Episcopal church music.

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