Harry and Meghan’s Wedding

No, I didn’t get up to watch the marriage of the royal couple. But CNN ran clips all morning long, and after I dropped Else off at home so she could go to her Saturday morning ballet lesson and had breakfast with YaYa and Ben, I turned on the TV.

Yes, they are a beautiful couple. Yes, the ceremony was lovely, and poignant — thinking of Diana. Meghan is the same age now as Princess Diana was when she died. But what I really loved were the hats.

Shout out for Serena Williams, and Oprah, and Amal Clooney. Even though I’m not a big fan of Prince Charles’ horsy wife Camilla, her hat was pretty great too. Kate, Prince William’s wife, always looks stunning. Meghan’s mother looked lovely, and was suitably teary during the ceremony. Elton John didn’t have a hat, but he was, well, Elton John.

Meghan is now a Duchess. I can’t keep straight what all the designations mean: Duchess v. Countess v. Lady This or That. The Brits all know, I suppose, exactly how the pecking order lines up. The hierarchy is important to the Brits’ sense of tradition and order.

Beyond all else, though, they are a newly married couple, starting down that path that many of us trod years or decades ago. There’s a lot to married life, a lot of ups and downs and hanging in there in the end.  I think my sense of that is why I always get teary at weddings — even when they’re on TV.

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