More on the General Weirdness of People

Well, if we humans didn’t do odd things I’d be short of blog post topics, as these weird bits often catch my attention.

Since 2007, random feet have been washing up on Canadian shores — fourteen of them by the most recent count. Thirteen of the feet were clad in running shoes. The most recent had on a hiking boot.

It’s feet that are washing up, one at a time, on British Columbia’s southern coast. No one has any idea where the other body parts are, or how the feet come to wash up here, or why.  I think some oddball with a foot fetish is murdering people, cutting off one foot, and tossing the foot out to sea. The ocean current does the rest.

The Canadian Coroner’s service tries to damp down such ghoulish speculation, saying that there could be logical reasons why single feet wind up floating ashore after people have died at sea.

Maybe so. But my ghoulish speculation could be true, too. 🙂

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