After the Nuns Again

Many Roman Catholic sisters have reimagined their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and don’t look to the Vatican to tell them what they can read or say or do, on social media or anywhere else.

Strictly speaking, “sisters” in the Roman Catholic church are the women out doing ministries in the world, and “nuns” are the cloistered folk who mostly pray.

The Guardian, to which I subscribe online, has a new piece about the Vatican admonishing nuns to use social media with “discretion and sobriety”.

The admonishment apparently came in response to a group of nuns in Spain who posted a protest on Facebook after a court acquitted five men of rape, finding them guilty of a lesser offense.

Too “out there”, apparently, for the old men in the Vatican. Interesting to know that it’s actually someone’s job to monitor nuns on social media. I think they should monitor the American alt-right, and admonish Catholic Steve Bannon and his ilk instead for the ugly things they write.

2 thoughts on “After the Nuns Again

  1. for Phyllis: Agree. Most of these women are our age. Honestly, if I were one of them the heavy hand of the Vatican would drive me crazy.

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