Update on the Move: Plumbing in Old Houses

The Craftsman homes that make many Seattle neighborhoods so charming are old, vintage the 1920’s and 30’s. That means anyone living in one of these homes needs a good plumber, one who can cope with ancient systems, unexpected quirks and irregularities, and sometimes previous repairs by former owners who had no idea what they were doing.

I found Konrad, who is a genius plumber. If you live in Seattle, he works for Fox Plumbing and Heating. Konrad looks, he tinkers, he fiddles, he goes to get parts he didn’t expect to need, and he sets to work. When he finishes, the project does what it’s supposed to do, I’ve had a run through of what I need to know, the work area is cleaned up, and I have Konrad’s number in case I have any problems.

Voila! My new lead filtration system — more cities than Flint, Michigan, have higher concentrations of lead in their old water systems than is safe — and new whole house water shut off valve. Pretty, isn’t it? Practically a work of art.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Move: Plumbing in Old Houses

  1. We should have a lot more Konrad’s around our communities! He sounds like he’s been doing this a long time.

  2. for Phyllis: Actually he’s quite a young guy. He’s just a gem. Sara has a very old garage door, and the garage itself is too narrow for me to even attempt to pull the car in — so I wasn’t paying much attention. Konrad also decommissioned an old toilet in the basement and sealed it off, and asked if he could take the parts out through the garage. He asked me if I knew the garage door had no lock. I said no and that I’d have to call someone, and he showed me a tool and asked if I had one like it. I recalled seeing the tool — some sort of grip — in Jerry’s old tool box, which I have. Konrad showed me how to clamp in on to the garage door frame in a way that makes it impossible to lift the door from the outside. If I need to raise the door, I can just pop the tool off. Much cheaper than hiring a locksmith, he told me cheerfully. Love this young man.

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