Trump: Poll Numbers and Policies

Inexplicably to me, Trump’s poll numbers are inching up. Forty three per cent of those polled support policies that makes us an outlier in the world community. The latest is the Trump administration’s move to isolate children from their parents at the border, warehousing the most vulnerable family members in federal detention centers or reconstituted military bases as a deterrent to their parents.

By our own laws and the definition of the United Nations, the policy amounts to torture.

Under federal law, which adopts the United Nations definition, torture is: “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as … punishing him or her for an act he or she or a third person … has committed or is suspected of having committed.” And though in theory any action inflicting such suffering is banned, that is what is inflicted by separating parents and children in border detention.

Children arriving at the U.S. border in search of asylum are frequently a particularly vulnerable population. In many cases fleeing violence and persecution, they also encounter hunger, illness and threats of physical harm along their hazardous journey to the border. This combination of experiences puts migrant children at high risk for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Such anxiety and mood disorders can be debilitating and intractable, particularly when they start in childhood. By the time many migrant children arrive in the United States, they have already faced harrowing events, increasing the likelihood that they’ll be traumatized by parental separation.”

Sessions and Kelly are particularly strong proponents of this cruel strategy, but they wouldn’t be out there with it if they didn’t have Trump’s full support, and if Trump supporters weren’t cheering him on.


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