Post Mother’s Day

I had a lovely mother’s day: Sara made brunch for Klainer West, and I got flowers from both of my kids and their families. After Matt and Amy and Heidi and kids headed out, Sara and I did some grocery shopping and then I delivered her and her bike to a local bike store for a tune-up. Her bike fits in my Forrester, but not in her Audi. While here helping me unload groceries Sara cut some fragrant lilacs to take back to her new home. She and Ben have some landscaping, but no lilacs yet. The bushes here are mature and gorgeous and fragrant; I was happy to share.

Matt and Amy opened the pool in the afternoon; it’s almost 80 degrees here already. Matt sent me a video collage of pics going back 15 years, of my being a mother and grandmother. Lovely, and so precious I want to keep the images for myself rather than sharing them.

Attention on Mother’s day is a gift, but the real ongoing gift is living close enough to my kids and their families, and having good enough relationships, that we can just do things together: great things, celebratory things, small things, necessary and utilitarian things.

I am a lucky woman.

2 thoughts on “Post Mother’s Day

  1. Sounds like a perfect Mother’s Day. I made a brunch of stuffed pancakes (delicious little balls with blueberries, raspberry jam and Nutella, bacon and sausage for my kids and grandkids. We went to MSU Moms for dinner where I cooked Italian food. Yea living near to kids and grandkids is a blessing.

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