Philadelphia Day 3: A Challenge

This is for my gardening friends Jackie, Mary, Nicki, Phyllis, all of you out there. This flowering bush lives in the shade along the path to the great meadow at Longwood Gardens. The bloom looks like a small rose, but isn’t. Any idea what it might be? I have no clue, so your guess is better than mine. Quite lovely.

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia Day 3: A Challenge

  1. I do love gardening challenges! Unless I am mistaken, this is a star anise shrub. I have a small one in my front yard. Your picture shows a particularly beautiful variety. Bravo!

  2. for Nicki: Kudos! As I said, I have no idea, so until and unless someone weighs in with a credible alternative, a star anise it is. Quite lovely, since there were a lot of them and they were very healthy.

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