Philadelphia Day Two: Italian Market

The highlight of the day was a walking tour of the Italian Market, during which we sampled wonderful cheeses, cured meats, classic Philly tomato pie [in which the sauce and homemade crust is the thing, not tons of melted cheese in what other parts of the country call pizza], homemade chips and guacamole [the Italian Market area is overlaid with people and food from other cultures who came during later waves of immigration] and finally classic Italian gelato and cannoli. When we first arrived, before everyone was ready, I sneaked off to grab an Italian lemon water ice, which is different from sorbet in that it has no egg. Very tart and refreshing. I also had an expresso, when we visited a great kitchen store and heard the story of its evolution from one Italian immigrant family to the next. We had a local guide for this part of the tour, Nina, and she was wonderful.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Day Two: Italian Market

  1. for Phyllis: Quite gorgeous, sunny and 75 degrees. Have a garden challenge going up in a few minutes. 🙂 Hoping you’ll weigh in.

  2. for Phyllis: Longwood Gardens operates very much like Brookgreen: heavy reliance on skilled volunteer help to support paid staff. Over 400 full and part time employees. Over 800 volunteers in one capacity or another.

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