Philadelphia: Day One

I arrived in Philadelphia and met up with the group at the airport. They mostly arrived on another airline, although the flights came in within minutes of each other. Seattle to Philly is just a bit over four hours, although with the three hour time difference our arrival at the hotel came at rush hour. Looks as if we’re in a great downtown neighborhood to do some exploring in the moments when we are not on the tour.

Nice flight, nice breakfast.

Because of the time difference I won’t be posting until morning. In Seattle, I can put the next day’s posts up at 10pm and they are there for east coast readers in the morning. Here, I’d have to stay up until midnight. Will post tomorrow morning as soon as I can.

2 thoughts on “Philadelphia: Day One

  1. for Katie: Gorgeous day today. We had a walking tour of the Italian market, with a tasting lunch as we went from place to place. It was a 10. Great food here when you get beyond Philly cheese steaks.

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