Travel Day: Headed to Philadelphia

I haven’t taken an organized tour since my last bike trip, which is a number of years ago. But a friend invited me to join a Seattle Chamber Music Society tour in Philadelphia — combination of music events and local sites. I haven’t been in Philadelphia since our staging as Peace Corps Panama in 1967; we gathered there before flying as a group of 100 to Puerto Rico, where we did three months training in the mountains above Arecibo. I didn’t see much of Philadelphia then. I love cities, and am eager to explore this one.

The group is small, 14 in all. It’s heavily resourced, so we’ll have a private tour guide accompanying us at every point, plus guides specific to many of the places we’ll visit. The group all know each other, as they’re all deeply involved in the Chamber Music Society as board members or patrons. That isn’t daunting to me; I’ve long since learned to make my way in new groups. My innate introverted nature, which will lead me to withdraw from the group at times to have my own moments, sometimes wins me the label of stuck-up or snobbish. I’ve long since learned to live with that too.

My goal is to savor the city, enjoy the music as much as possible although I’m less of a devotee of chamber music than many of my fellow travelers, have some great food, and meet some new people — in that order.

Will let you know how it goes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Travel Day: Headed to Philadelphia

  1. The Kimmel Center is marvelous (Philly’s performing arts center). Hope you get a chance to visit. From the upper tiers you can see that the space is shaped like a cello (their main hall). Also a fine collection of Rodin sculptures in Philly … largest collection of Rodin outside of France. And then of course all of the historical places. Great city. Enjoy.

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