The Move: Thinking of Each Corner as a Work of Art

As I think I wrote about some while ago, I attended a lecture at the Seattle Art Museum about how you curate a room — how the decisions are made to place various pieces from an exhibit in contiguous space, so that they can be “in dialogue” with each other. Since then, I’ve been aware of each corner in my own living space, and how I place lighting and furniture and art work in order to create an overall impression.

This is a corner of my new living room. As you can tell, I like space that is simple and with clean lines and no clutter. The corner a real mixture of things. The chair is old, although recovered. Ditto for the age of the lamp — twenty years at least. The pot to the right of the chair is a Stephen Merritt, a well known Rochester NY potter. The print on the wall to the right is a Robert Motherwell. The framed piece on the wall to the left is an old auction circular from the 1940’s, when my Iowa grandfather lost his small farm and the livestock and farm implements were sold for pennies on the dollar. My aunt found the circular in an old pie cupboard, and made a copy for each of the cousins. On the shelves are family pictures — including one of my late husband Jerry on his bike not long before he died, and one of our kids when they were about Archie and Else’s ages — and small pieces I’ve picked up here and there.

The corner is a mix of old and new, valuable and not, things I care about for different reasons. I think it works. Do  you?





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