The Move: More Pics

I promised more pics of the house, which I’ll roll out over the next several days. This is my dining room, looking out through the office to the back yard. The Asian bar is the first really nice thing Jerry and I ever bought, and I treasure it. It’s not especially valuable as an antique — it’s just old, and precious to me.

If you saw pics of my apartment, you’ll recognize the same furniture. I got one new piece, an end table for my bedroom. Otherwise, it’s all the old stuff. But I think it looks great.

The green bushes you see through the window in the back are lavender lilacs, just coming into bloom.




8 thoughts on “The Move: More Pics

  1. I love your new home! I know you were comfortable in smaller spaces, but it’s great to see your life “spreading out” into this wonderful place, and birthday week has been a good time to experience this.
    Your furniture fits perfectly, the ambiance is bright and cheery, you have lilacs in the back yard, and family nearby. Perfecto! You just need to go back and check out the harbor and the cruise ships occasionally. šŸ™‚

  2. for Phyllis: I’m still a very do-able walk to the waterfront, and I have a view of the harbor from a high vantage point from my new neighborhood. I really love cruise season right on the waterfront, because the people watching is so much fun. I will indeed spend time there.

  3. It looks as if this beautiful home was made for you and your things! I’m so happy for you!

  4. Your new home is beautiful…it looks warm and inviting and is elegantly filled with great art. I had a friend in Rochester who kept her home in a similar dignified manner. I asked her… half jokingly,half hoping… if she was available for an intervention in my house!

  5. for Sharon: You have a great house, and your garden is a thing to admire — lush and productive and healthy. You could do a garden intervention here.

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