Panama 2018: Ana’s Birthday

Ana celebrated her 63rd birthday on May 3, and here she is with her mother, Minga. Minga is 76; she had Ana when she was 13. Ana was actually raised in the village by Minga’s aunt, and when I was in the Peace Corps in the late 1960’s, Minga already had five more children. She was by then 26. Ana used to come around regularly, but she didn’t live with the Delgados.

These days Ana and her mother are close. Ana is providing Minga a home, and care, during the week while she undergoes dialysis in Panama City.

Ana is a kind, soft-spoken, thoughtful, lovely, deeply religious woman. She has a long term spouse, Raoul. They have raised their own family, and now are raising Mileybus. They are good people. Ana is a good person. Like her mother.

Happy Birthday Ana, from all of us. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Panama 2018: Ana’s Birthday

  1. for Phyllis: I’m so glad Minga is able to stay with Ana, whose apartment is much closer to the hospital. Minga really hated being all the way out in Filipio, which is beyond the airport by a good bit. Way to far from anything. This arrangement is much better. Plus, Ana is hardly as directive as Ita, which makes Minga’s sense of being able to choose for herself more possible.

  2. Happy this has worked out well for Minga. Easier weeks and weekends at home in the village.

  3. for Phyllis: I’m glad she had the chance to try going home after each treatment. And, if it has proven to be too hard, at least that’s her assessment and her decision, and it’s not being foisted upon her. Makes all the difference. Ana is wonderful, much easier to live with, and her apartment is much closer to the hospital — taking out the factor of those three long bus rides in traffic. A win all the way around.

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