Longest Running Scripted TV Show?

According to one of my news feeds, The Simpsons has just blown by Gunsmoke as the longest running scripted TV show. What show is in 3rd place? Lassie.

I was a fervent Lassie fan growing up, and I watched Gunsmoke too. I’ve seen The Simpsons occasionally and think it’s funny, but I’ve never become a regular watcher.

I was a devoted fan of TV series ER, Hill Street Blues, Homicide: Life on the Street, Law & Order and the spinoff Law & Order Special Victims Unit, The Good Wife. Now I pay a monthly fee for CBS All Access to be able to see The Good Fight, a spinoff of the latter. I watched all of The Sopranos on HBO, and Nurse Jackie on Showtime, and the short but pithy series Getting On starring Laurie Metcalf. That one was a brutally funny take-down of life in a long term care facility. You had to have a dark sense of humor to call the half hour show comedy, and I do.

I never got into shows like Downton Abby, although I know how popular it was.

I wonder if a very long running series in this day and age, like The Simpsons, keeps the same audience, or attracts a rolling audience that keeps it high enough in the ratings to stay on the air. I have no idea.

Do you have a favorite series that you are devoted to watching? And if you are a certain age, were you a fan of Lassie? How about Gunsmoke?

10 thoughts on “Longest Running Scripted TV Show?

  1. I regularly watch Grey’s Anatomy, Latenight with Stephen Cobert and Call Midwife. I DVR the first two and watch while I’m doing computer work in the evening. I enjoy several PBS Masterpieces Theatre Aries on Netflix , including the Crown. I loved Downton Abbey and very much enjoyed the exhibit in Manhattan.

  2. Yes, I was a Lassie fan and always happy when he came home. I am a fan of Dancing with the Stars. HGTV, college men’s basketball . I am amazed that many nights I can flip through channels and not find something that interests me until House Hunters at 9:00 PM. It is rare for me to watch daytime TV except during basketball season.

  3. for Katie: Don’t know why I never got into Downton Abbey. Everyone who watched it seems to have loved it.

  4. for Joyce: You and Amy — and daughter Sara — are all fans of House Hunters. I watch it sometimes with them — fun show. And you learn a lot about houses and what people look for.

  5. Present time: Call the Midwife, Real Time with Bill Maher, Madame Secretary. I also tape Nicolle Wallace with Deadline White House and watch most days when my stress level isn’t already too high! I loved Downton Abbey. I also got hooked on Scandal, although it ended up not being a very good program. First season was what hooked me.
    As a child/teenager: Loved Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Mickey Mouse Club, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Milton Berle and others that I can’t remember……….so long ago

  6. Forgot that I was fan of The Good Wife, like you, and of the original Law and Order and now SVU, also like you. And ER. Nowadays Code Black and Chicago Med fill the medical series need.

  7. for Ada: History buff that you are, I’m not surprised that you are a Downton Abbey fan. 🙂 Glad to hear we share so many programs from an earlier era.

  8. for Ada: Remember Juliana Margulies and George Clooney on ER? They were so young! Really different role for Juliana on The Good Wife.

  9. I didn’t get hooked on ER until after Clooney and Margulies had left. So I have no reference point for your comment on The Good Wife. I did love that show and was sorry to see it end.

  10. for Ada: I thought The Good Wife still had a lot of running room. But I guess Margulies was done with the grind of a 22 episode series. A lot of work for the cast, apparently.

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