MIchael Cohen: The Mind of a Fixer

Mob bosses have always had fixers — and I think Comey’s analogy between Trump’s behavior and that of a mob boss is apt. In the white collar world, fixers are often lawyers, people who make bad things go away for their wealthy clients. Harvey Weinstein had fixers. So did Bill Cosby. So, probably, do a whole host of wealthy and powerful men whose names we’ll never know.

Enter Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime fixer. Speculation abounds whether Cohen will flip on Trump, and tell prosecutors where the bodies are buried in exchange for lenient treatment of Cohen’s mounting legal woes.


I’m a little intrigued by the mind of a fixer; that is, why does he devote himself to cleaning up messes for someone higher in the pecking order? Seems like a thankless role, especially with someone like Trump for whom loyalty goes only one way and in whom gratitude is non-existent. I’m sure fixers are well paid, but that can’t be all of it. I’m sure it’s flattering to be the consigliere to someone with a lot of power, real or perceived. But that can’t be all of it either. I think Cohen said he’d take a bullet for Trump. What is that all about?

I actually have no idea. Do you?

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