The Move: Assembly Line

Sara’s field of expertise is logistics. She is a whiz at getting an efficient process in place, and it drives her wild when something — like loading passengers onto an airplane — takes far longer than she thinks it should.

I ordered four Adirondack chairs made out of Treks material, a  nod to Seattle’s rainy climate and the vulnerability of wood. They weren’t complicated to put together, but the process goes much faster with a power drill and more than one set of hands. Ben and Sara came over to help.

Sara took the parts out of the four boxes and laid them out assembly-line style while Ben wielded the power tool, and the chairs came together in nothing flat.

I have two in the front, and two in the back along with two Brown Jordan webbed chairs that must be 35 years old. I think it would look better to have all black Adirondack chairs, but that Brown Jordan rocker is the most comfortable outdoor chair I’ve ever sat in. I simply can’t get rid of it.

Kudos to YaYa and Ben — thanks for the help!

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