The Move: Feeling Settled

I don’t graft old habits and patterns onto new space, at least not entirely. New space pushes me, or invites me, into new ways of living.

I tend to watch Anderson Cooper on CNN in the evening, and then I read. I expected to read in the family room off the kitchen. In fact, I’m reading in the living room after turning off the TV. I find the space quite cozy and comfortable. Right now the family room has big glass doors that are awaiting pull down shades, so at night they are open and dark and I feel very exposed when sitting there. Maybe when the new shades arrive on May 1 I’ll change my mind.

Fun to be able to choose.

Some of you have asked for pics of my new space, which I’ll provide over the next few days. This is really a lovely home, and it doesn’t feel too large for one person. It feels just right.

If you saw the pics of my Belltown apartment, you’ll recognize the furniture, rugs, and art work. Nothing really new, but it all looks different in the new space.

6 thoughts on “The Move: Feeling Settled

  1. for Katie: Thank you. Hope you and Ron get a chance to be my houseguests! Any trips planned to Pacific northwest?

  2. for Phyllis: The front deck, which I’ll take pics of when the chairs are here, gets morning sun and offers the chance to greet neighbors passing by. The back deck gets afternoon sun. Best of both worlds.

  3. for Ben: I’ve had these oriental rugs for more decades than I care to admit. Oriental rungs have a lot of advantages. Besides not showing dirt, they seem to fade into a newly attractive color palate, and remain beautiful. Glad you like them.

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