Trump: Prone to Ratings Slide

According to Michael Kruse of Politico, fascination with season two of Trump — star of The Apprentice, businessman, Manhattan powerbroker wannabe — falls off precipitously. Initially, the antics of the narcissistic man-baby draw all attention — we are fascinated, can’t take our eyes away. By the second year, either from exhaustion or sheer boredom at same-old, same-old, the luster is off.

Trump is nothing if not predictable. Even his irrationality and impulsiveness and oppositional nature follow a pattern. If someone in a position of power, with a grounding in experience and expert knowledge, urges Trump to do something, it’s highly likely he’ll do the opposite, just to show that he can. He impulsively nominates people for responsible positions, simply because they flatter him. He irrationally blusters about tearing up the Iran deal while demanding that North Korea trust him to honor similar kinds of agreements.

The best descriptor for all of it is “tiresome”. Trump gets tiresome. Trump is tiresome. Some voters who supported his candidacy big time, like Midwestern farmers, are finding that the gap between rhetoric and action is destructive to their interests. Maybe they would even find his MAGA rallies tiresome these days instead of thrilling.

We just need enough of them to vote in November and in 2020 to turn this around.

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